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Server and Vmware vSphere5® Bundles

IOMAX has put together unbeatable deals for server and Vmware virtulisation software from our OEM partners.

The VMware licenses supplied are OEM version and include 1 year upgrades and 1 year 9x5 standard support. Other support options are available.

The servers specified are major brand name such as HP, Dell and IBM and have 4 core CPU(s) and 4 or 8 GB RAM. Servers can be upgraded at additional cost.
Please contact us for a quote.

Licenses for Essentials Plus® and Acceleration Kits® are also available starting from $2695 ex GST

Stock is strictly limited and supply cannot be guaranteed.

VMware bundle 1 CPU VMware bundle Essentials Plus
VMware bundle 2   VMware bundle 2RU
VMware Licensing

Vmware vSphere® licensing works per CPU - if you have 2 CPUs, on a server you need 2 licences of vSphere®. If you have 4 CPUs, you need 4 licenses. This entitles you to use unlimited amounts of RAM and create as many virtual machines as the server can handle.

Unlike older versions of vSphere®, there is no memory restriction with vSphere5®, nor is there any restrictions on the number of physical cores each CPU on the server has.

However, there is a limit to how many virtual CPUs you can assign to each Virtual Machine depending on which version of vSphere you purchase.

VMware vSphere5® Versions

There are 3 versions of VMware vSphere® on offer here, each of which has increased capability and features.

Importantly, each of the 3 versions offered includes the most requested features of:
1. The ability to move virtual machines from one server to the other live without any downtime or interruption to service.
2. Automated to failover to another server in case one server fails.

Please note that many vSphere® functions require shared storage such as a SAN or NAS to host the virtual machine data in order to work most effectively.

Further information on the differences between vSphere5® Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus can be found on the VMware site here.

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